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So for a while our game has been complete and fully playable. What kept us working before we launch it?

The answer: optimization! We want you to enjoy fantastic graphics and voice acting, but we also want you to enjoy all that with superb performance. And the result? In the last couple of months, we were able to reduce the loading time between scenes from 20-something seconds to only one second!

Game release deadline: End of February (2020).


Joyfess I.zip 648 MB
Aug 13, 2019
Joyfess Demo.zip 441 MB
Aug 14, 2019

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How did you manage to reduce the size of the demo so much? That's incredible, from 7,19 to 1,86 GB. I'm impressed!

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Indeed, performance and loading time are highly optimized now, great work! Now release the game and take my hard earned bucks! ;)

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Lol. Here is an update Athanasius: our team decided to release the game! Your support along the way means a lot to us. Please use the following link for a special discount!
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Coupon code: *edited out*
The game will be subject to some minor improvements but not much anymore.
We hope you enjoy the game!

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Wow, that's great news! :D I already purchased it. What's the coupon code for? I didn't find a place to use it. Anyway, I'm really happy to be able to fully delve into your world now.  Congratulations to the release! :)

edit: Oh, and thank you for the generous discount, I appreciate it!

It is our pleasure!

That's why we are here. ;) More importantly, we decreased loading time between the scenes. You should feel a big difference in the Indians' part where you have to switch scenes a lot (swinging back and forth) in order to solve the puzzles.